Inks and Fluids

We supply a comprehensive range of inks, fluids, spares and consumables for use with our full range of marking and coding machines.

Fluids and Consumables


The range of fluids includes over fifty which have been specially developed and designed to combat a diverse range of substrates and applications. Users can select an ink that is both the most suitable for a specified substrate and the production environment, and which also has a particular desired purpose or characteristic.

Schedule consumable agreements optimize your stock levels.

You can set up formal agreements with PrintSafe to schedule deliveries of all your consumables. This will assist you in minimizing the number of shipments required. These agreements are completely flexible and volumes can be changed at any time. You will save carriage charges, subject to regular deliveries and shipment value, as well as peace of mind that your deliveries are pre-loaded for the year ahead.

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