PrintSafe Products
CableJet System


We specialize in the integration of the right machine, fluids and controls to create complete systems.

We don't make them, we make them work for you in ways that the manufacturers cannot. Manufacturers are not industry knowledgeable. We understand your product substrates better than others because we have worked with them before.

We represent both the best in new printing innovation and the most reliable in established technology.

PrintSafe constantly scours the globe for the best in current technology, as well as next generation solutions so that our customers can make informed decisions safe in the knowledge that we have done the initial research for them.


PrintSafe is a Full Range Distributor that can solve your needs.

We represent the best machines in the marketplace for each application type that we can find. We bring the highest quality and the most reliable printers in the world. We constantly test to make sure that we always keep abreast of the best technologies for our customer's needs. Have a look around the site to see what we can offer in: