Domino W-Series Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Thermal Transfer Overprinting and Flexible Packaging Solutions

We can provide a range of Thermal Transfer Overprinters and ribbons that set themselves apart from others in terms of reliability, performance and features that contribute to the simplicity and efficiency of our customers' processes. Thermal Transfer Sample

How it Works

Printing is achieved by placing a thermal ribbon between a heated printhead and the substrate to be marked. With the three items in contact, the printhead is moved over the length of both the ribbon and the substrate. Heat from the printhead is passed throught the ribbon, causing ink to melt and be released from its underside. The ink adheres to the substrate and then cools rapidly, resulting in a permanent print.

The printhead typically comprises 300 individually controlled, miniature heating elements per inch across its width. A printed image can be created by rapidly turning these elements on (hot) and off (cold) as the printhead moves over the ribbon. Software is used to convert the printed design into signals to control the printhead.

Thermal transfer overprinters can operate in two modes depending upon how the printhead is moved relative to the ribbon and substrate. These are intermittent and continuous modes.

Intermittent Mode

In this printing mode the substrate is moved intermittently. The printhead is moved over the substrate by the printer while the substrate is stationary.

Continuous Mode

In continuous mode the substrate is moved continuously. The printhead is stationary and prints while the substrate is moving.


Key Benefits

A Thermal Transfer Overprinting Solution may be appropriate for your business if you are looking for a system that offers:

  • High speed printing for flexible packaging
  • Clean technology that can be used in all production environments
  • Extremely high print quality (300dpi) allowing high definition bar codes and graphics
  • Large print area allows pack printing as well as coding in the same operation
  • Reliable and simple to use
  • Large ribbon range offers a wide selection of print properties including resistance to scratch, heat and solvents
  • Monochrome printing in a wide range of colors
  • Ribbon control technology maximizes uptime