Domino W-Series Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Print & Apply Labeling

A Print and Apply Labeling machine (PALM) is designed to be used online and automatically print and apply labels to products as they move along a production line or within a warehouse or logistics facility.

The PALM consist of 3 main elements – Printer,  Applicator and Controller. The Printer includes a print engine and label or media handling system. The print engine uses a thermal print head to create the image on the label. Either directly (Direct Thermal) or by transferring ink from a ribbon onto the label material (Thermal Transfer). The printers are capable of printing text, including dates, serial numbers, 'use by' information, as well as logos, graphics and all types of barcodes.

Print and Apply Labeling Sample

Direct Thermal Labels

The label material contains a heat sensitive chemical which changes color when heat is applied. This means that no ribbon is required to create an image on the label. Direct thermal labels are more sensitive to light, heat and abrasion, which reduces the life of the printed material.

Thermal Transfer

The printer uses a normal label media (e.g. paper) and a ribbon. The ribbon is coated with an ink, which is typically wax or wax/resin. By applying heat to ribbon the ink is melted and transferred onto the label and the image is created. With Thermal Transfer different label materials can be used, and with the appropriate ribbons it will last longer and be more heat and scratch resistant.


As the label or label and ribbon are driven beneath the printhead, tiny pixels or thermal pads, across the width of the printhead, are heated and cooled to create the image in the Direct Thermal Labels; or melt the "ink" off the polyester film and onto the plain label material with Thermal Transfer. This process happens very quickly and accounts for the fast speed of the printers and is dry instantly. Thermal print heads are often 200 dots per inch (8 dots per mm) or 300 dpi (12 dots per mm).

Key Benefits

A Print & Apply Labeling Machine may be appropriate for your business if you are looking for a system that offers:

  • Primary, secondary and pallet coding solutions
  • Fully modular to meet varying pallet labelling requirements
  • High resolution printing ensures supply chain compliance
  • Seamless integration into production lines
  • Simple label selection ensures operator independence