Dot Matrix Laser Printers

Dot Matrix Lasers

Using a proprietary seven laser-tube technology, Dot Matrix Laser printers offer reliable, high speed printing. Radio Freqency (RF) energy is used to stimulate the lasers inside the printhead of the DDC3. This in turn fires the lasers to produce a vertical column of seven separate dots that converge onto the product.

This laser system relies on the movement of the product to build these lines into dot matrix characters. Sealed CO2 laser tubes eliminate the need for consumables and water cooling systems are designed for years of trouble free operation.

Dot Matrix Laser Sample

Fume Extraction

Laser coding and marking produces fumes and particulates as the surface material is burned. Fume Extraction  is essential to remove these potentially harmful by-products from the atmosphere.

Key Benefits

A dot matrix laser coder may be appropriate for your business if you are looking for a system that offers:

  • Very high speed printing of near-letter quality text
  • High reliability due to no moving parts
  • Range of laser-tube wavelengths, which ensures package integrity while coding onto a variety of materials from labels to PET
  • Minimal maintenance and environmentally friendly printing
  • Indelible permanent mark