High Resolution



CodeCreator combines the attractive and easy to use user interface of the CodeCube with the high level ink system of the CodeCenter. This creates a machine that is extremely environmentally friendly, with very low emissions and low solvent consumption.

Two stirrer systems can be added to this machine, which allows hard pigmented inks to be used. Together with the standby function, which lets the system automatically do an ink care procedure every hour, it is possible to use various special purpose inks.


  • Symbol-based Graphic User Interface, with a Central External Touch Screen option that offers ALL the benefits of CodeCenter's software (xCtrl) and can run 128 printers.
  • Easy to use
  • 7" Touch color display
  • Windows CE Operating system
  • Easy data transfer through USB-stick or remote network software
  • Remote screen in the intranet
  • Standard interfaces (USB, ethernet)
  • WYSIWYG Text/Graphics Editor, or optional PC software that allows for Destop text creation and network or USB thumbdrive transfer to printer
  • Event monitoring protocol
  • Service friendly 4-door system concept
  • Easy refillable ink and solvent tanks

Concept: The idea behind this machine was to create a system which focuses on standard applications in regards to the print process, but with high requirements in the ink system. Like the CodeCenter, the CodeCreator can run high performance dye based and pigmented inks, and at the same time save huge amounts of operational costs by having very low emissions.

Real-Time Performance: The XScale print controller that was implemented as the heart of the system works at a speed of 520 MHz under a Windows CE operating system, which guarantees hard real time behavior in combination with powerful software features.

Maintenance: The main system's four-panel hardware architecture provides easy access and is very user-friendly. The ink system, which includes the ink and solvent tanks, can be accessed directly through the front door. The electronics are placed in the rear area and can be serviced by folding down the back cover. If necessary, the side doors can also be opened, so that inspection can be done from all sides. This enables the operator and service technicians to complete any necessary service quickly and efficiently.