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CodeCenter 2 Head

CodeCenter 2 Head

The CodeCenter 2K expands the standard CodeCenter product line with a 2 Headed system. A set-top box provides the needed expansion for the second printhead. This creates a high performance two headed system at a competitive price per head.


  • Color 12" Touch display
  • Control of multiple units — up to 16 printheads in one system
  • Powerful Remote Diagnostic capabilities
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • WYSIWYG Text/Graphics Editor
  • Windows XP embedded operating system
  • Easy integration of Windows components
  • Easy memory expansion through USB port
  • Service friendly 5 door system
  • Easy refillable 1-liter Ink and Solvent tanks
  • Integrated Solvent recovery unit

By adding a Webcam to the CodeCenter, your printout can be viewed directly on the terminal, or remotely via ethernet.

Concept: Based on the modular CodeCenter software, the 12 inch terminal offers operation of both printheads independently, or linked together, depending on the application requirements. The software can be configured for use with multiple one or two-headed systems, allowing the creation of a multi-head system with up to 16 printheads.

Standards: The unit includes an integrated solvent recovery unit, automatic phasing and viscosity control, along with all the other state-of-the-art features that come with the standard CodeCenter system. Especially in a multiple head configuration, low emissions and solvent usage play an important role for the operation within the production line.

Innovation: Each single printhead is controlled by a 520 MHz cpu, and is connected to the terminal through a high speed network connection. This creates an integrated system which can be fed with high speed data through a single network connection to the terminal, allowing for applications with a performance of more than one million data sets per hour.

Maintenance: Each printhead has its own 3.5" service display, which gives a clear overview of each head and allows for easy maintenance.