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The CodeCenter is a new coding system from Inkdustry's line of continuous ink jet systems that can be used to reliably perform all coding tasks which require fast drying inks. The system sets new standards by utilizing the Windows XP Embedded Operating System. Some of the exciting features of the CodeCenter include:

  • Powerful Remote Diagnostic capabilities
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Large Touch-Display
  • WYSIWYG Text/Graphics Editor
  • Easy integration of Windows components

By adding a Webcam to the CodeCenter, your printout can be viewed directly on the terminal, or remotely via ethernet.

Key Benefits

Standards: The standard system includes an integrated solvent recovery unit, automatic phasing and viscosity control, which are state of the art in the industrial continuous inkjet world.

Innovation: The user interface terminal is running under the "Windows XP-Embedded" operating system, offering the potential to integrate Windows software modules and peripherals directly into the system, thus extending the standalone printing system into a complete solution for special applications.

Maintenance: The main systems highly transparent hardware architecture provides easy access and is very user friendly. The ink system, which includes the ink and solvent tanks, can be accessed directly through the front door. The electronics are placed in the rear area and can be serviced by folding down the back cover. If necessary, the side doors also can be opened, so that inspection can be done from all sides. This enables the operator and service technicians to complete any necessary service quickly and efficiently.